To Volunteer Contact:
TerryAnn Williams
(704) 401-6414

About the Carolina Panthers Consessions Fundraiser


The 'Core Leadership Group' for the Saint Augustine's College Charlotte Alumni Association has elected to work Carolina Panthers Concessions as its primary fundraiser for the 2007-2008 chapter year. 


This is a huge opportunity for the chapter to raise a significant amount of funds!  There are only 10 home games per season (2 pre-season and 8 regular). We can do this!  All we need is you.


Thank you in advance for your time and willingness to volunteer in order to make the Saint Augustine's College Charlotte Alumni Association's fundraiser a success! 


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Volunteers, please review the following notice from the Carolina Panthers Concessions and Food Management Team
Late Arrivals at Check-In-

We have been having trouble the past few games with late arrivals. We understand that some groups may have a few volunteers that will arrive a little later than their specified check-in time. However, if you are aware that these people will be coming later, please be sure to indicate this on your Volunteer List that you send in to me prior to a game. ALL volunteers should be getting here by the specified check-in time for that particular game. There should only be a few exceptions on your list so please be sure to reiterate this to your volunteers.

This information will help us in determining whether back-up help is needed. At 10am (for 1pm games), stadium management takes a look at the Credential Check-In books and if a group is short staffed at that time, we go ahead and place back-up staff in the stand to fulfill the minimum staffing need. ***Unless a group has communicated their late arrivals, we will place back-ups in these spots and turn away volunteers that show up after this time.

The moral of the story... As a Backup Group, we need to be in the stadium and ready to replace no-shows when stadium management perform their 10:00am check! Please show up at the designated time on Game Day!