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St. Augustine's College Charlotte Alumni Association
Meeting Minutes for
January 8, 2008
Happy New Year To All!




Deborah Felder

Fern Mingo

John Harvey

Joie Cook

LaTonya Lipscomb

Marva Davenport

Nia Swinton

TerryAnn Williams

Tom Wyatt

Wil Jones

(guest of Terryann?)


This meeting was officially called to order by W. Jones at 7:05pm and Opening Prayer was conducted by T. Wyatt.




A. Minutes from the last meeting were not available. The last meeting (Christmas Social) was held on December 11, 2007 at the home of TerryAnn Williams.


B. Treasurer's Report-The report was presented by D. Felder. The total amount deposited for the fiscal year 2007 was $$$. The total amount that was spent in the same year was $$$. The total amount of dues collected by 16 financial members was $$$. A motion was made by T. Wyatt and seconded by T. Williams to accept the Treasurer's Report.


*T. Wyatt and J. Harvey agreed to make matching donations towards the Carolina Panther's Fundraiser. T. Wyatt contributed $$$ and J. Harvey will contribute $$$.


*Please note the following Passing Falcons: Jimmy Coleman, Lulu Robinson, Cora Taylor and Dr. R. Weatherford. A motion was made by T. Wyatt and seconded by J. Harvey to send $200 towards the Lulu Robinson Foundation and to send cards to the families of Dr. R. Weatherford, Jimmy Coleman, and Cora Taylor.


C. Fundraisers-T. Williams thanked all who volunteered time and money towards the 2007 Carolina Panthers Fundraiser. Plaques donated by Joie Cook, were presented to individuals for their contributions at the Christmas Social.


T. Williams also made us aware that help is needed for next season as well; we may possibly have secured a 10 man stand for each home game. If we are able to secure the stand it will mean a 10% increase in profits from the total gross raised. In order to secure the stand we must have 10 people at each home game.


Please encourage friends, family, and neighbors to come out and support this effort.


*Upcoming Fundraisers: These events will be held at Lowes Motor Speedway. May 16-Truck Race, May 17-AllStar Race, May 22-Qualifying Race, May 24-400 NASCAR Race, May 26-600 NASCAR Race.


We need a minimum of 20 people for each event. The chapter will make a profit of $75.00 per person. Please contact T. Williams for more information.


*CIAA Party-The Charlotte Alumni Association Ol' School Party will be held on Thursday, Feb. 28 at Miss Ebony's on Central Avenue. It will be held from 9pm-2am, tickets have been printed and are available from any chapter officer, and also the building, DJ, photographer, decorations and security are finalized. The tickets are $25 in advance and will be sold at the door for $35.00 as well. The ticket price includes: cash prizes, cash bar, dance contest, light refreshments, and a performance by the Charlotte Purple Steppers. Tickets for this event are also being distributed to other chapters as well. Please see the website for more details and encourage your friends to attend this event as well.


D. Scholarship Committee-This report was to be given by George Noble and T.Wyatt. No report was given at this time, they will both report at the next meeting.


E. New Business-Sapphire Gala will be held at the North Raleigh Hilton on February 2 at 8pm.


*John Harvey has enlisted the help of The Charleston House for hosting the men's and women's basketball teams, accommodating 50 personnel.


*CIAA Alumni Hospitality Room(Feb. 25-30) will be manned by the chapter on that, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, on Monday and Tuesday by Sheryl Ximmes and it will be closed on Thursday, please encourage friends to come out on that Thursday to the Ol Skool party. The room is free and the Chapter will ask Nationals for $500.00 to spend on refreshments and beverages. J. Harvey has enlisted the help of B&R Body Shop for a $1,000 contribution for this event.


*St. Augustine's College has been chosen by the Tom Joyner Morning Show as the School of the Month for June 2008 they are requesting a $5,000 per chapter donation.


F. Old Business/New Business-


*The chapter has agreed that we need to discuss issues/concerns about the college with Dr. Suber or a Raleigh Representative when they visit. More information will be available.


*A $500.00 donation from Los Bravos, Inc. (Civic Social Club) will be given to the United Negro College Fund to be distributed to the college. This donation will be given at the organization's Sweetheart Ball on February 16 at the Oasis Temple. A local or national chapter representative will be in attendance.


*The chapter has agreed to buy a half page ad for the organization's souvenir booklet and individuals have agreed to purchase ads as well. Contact T.Wyatt for more information.


Deborah Felder briefly reported on the exam baskets and current student information data base. 


This meeting officially adjured at 8:55pm. The next meeting will be tentatively held on February 11, 2008. Please see the chapter website for all contact information. We highly encourage all to attend the meetings.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Joie Cook, secretary