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St. Augustine's College Charlotte Alumni Association

Meeting Minutes for

August 14, 2007



  • Joie Cook
  • Wil Jones
  • Terry Ann Williams
  • Tom Wyatt
  • Fern Mingo
  • Deborah Felder
  • George Nobel
  • Guest visitor Julie ?

Opening Prayer @ 7:25pm offered by Tom Wyatt

The Board discussed all issues from the agenda:

Welcome and introduction of 2007-2008 officers given by newly elected president Wil Jones.

Treasurer's Report was given by D.Felder, the current balance is $$$, all financial information will be sent to her home address. At present, the Panthers checks are going to Wil Jones' home address, however this will be changed to D. Felders address at a later date. The report was properly motioned by T.Wyatt, and seconded by F.Mingo and accepted by the body.

Dues: Annual chapter dues of $25 are now due, it was suggested that a hardcopy letter be sent out to all members via John Harvey and a follow-up email be sent as well, no later than September 1, 2007. The emailed version will include phone numbers of those persons who need a phone call due to not having Internet access or are physically incapable of using the computer. The goal of this letter is to generate dues awareness and encourage members to pay their dues. A motion was made by G.Nobel to raise chapter dues from $25 to $30, this motion was seconded by T.Wyatt, and accepted by the body and $5 of the $30 will go towards a Sunshine Fund which would be used in case of illness, death, financial issues, etc for chapter members and alumni.

Scholarship Fund: To be established by the end of 2008, it will be apart of the working budget. The financial committee will get together and work on a working budget for the 2007/2008 year. A suggested minimum of $500 was made as the amount to be given to a deserving student based on the board's criteria.

This scholarship fund will be separate from the yearly donation made during graduation ceremonies.

The organization decided to change our group's official name from St. Augustine's College "Charlotte chapter", to St. Augustine's College, "Charlotte Alumni Association".

New graduates will also receive an Alumni Packet filled with pertinent information regarding the Charlotte Alumni Association, these names will come from a directory from S.Ximmes or W. Newkirk.

Homecoming 2007, will be October16-20, hotel suites are available.

Contact the St. Aug. website for more information.

New website: Charlotte Alumni Association's site is , where one can find information about the association. F.Mingo is the acting Webmaster. An updated list of Charlotte Officers needs to be sent to William Newkirk and S. Ximmes, so it can added to the school's website, as well as the National Alumni website.

Fundraisers: We have a contract with Carolina Panthers for the 2007 football season for concession stands as our biggest fundraiser. All are asked to attend the games and mandatory training on August 16, 2007. Contact T.Williams for more information.

On Oct 2, there will be fundraiser training for a NASCAR fundraiser to be held on Oct.12-13. We ask that all be in attendance as well.

CIAA, February 25-March 2, 2008 a suggestion was made by F.Mingo to have an "oldies" fundraiser dance on that Thursday. Volunteers will also be needed for the hospitality suite.

Meeting Adjured at 9:00 pm. The next meeting will be held on September 11, 2007 at 7pm at the Sugar Creek Recreation Center.

Thank you for your attendance and continued hard work!

Joie R. Cook

Corresponding Secretary