Create Your Team and Volunteer!


Even if you can only work 1 game during the season, please volunteer... Every little bit helps! Our goal is to have at least 10 volunteers on hand for each game! 


Please note that because we are a new organization, we don't have an assigned concession stand. We are considered 'Backup'.   As a 'Backup' volunteer, you will most likely be placed in a holding room until called upon to help out at a concession stand that's short on help!


So that no ONE person has to do all of the work, SAC alumni may want to create individual 'Volunteer Teams' by recruiting family and friends to work a few games during the season. On game day, the  Volunteer Team can also carpool to the stadium together. Here's what you should do:

1. Create your Volunteer Team by asking family and friends for their support.


2. Select 1 or more game(s) from .


3. Provide Terry Ann Williams with your (name) or (Volunteer Team names) at least 5 to 7 days prior to the game.


4. Notify your Volunteer Team members of the dates that they've been scheduled to work.


5. On game day, meet your Volunteer Team at a designated location and carpool to the stadium.


6. Arrive at the check-in station (not in the parking lot) at least 4 hours before game-time. The NFL is very strict about checking in on time, if you arrive after check-in time, you will be locked-out! No Exceptions!


7. Check-in and proceed to the holding station.