From: Murphy, Jessica []
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 11:13 AM
To: Williams, Terryann G
Subject: BACK-UP Groups- Important Info. from SF&B Management
Importance: High


I just wanted to take a minute to explain the process of a "Back-Up" group. As a Back-Up, you would be responsible for coming to every game but you will not receive a permanent stand. Instead, if we have low staffing numbers in a stand from another group we will supply (for example) 3-4 ppl from a back-up group to fill the stand. "Back-up" groups are a good place to start to see how many volunteers actually commit to the process before having the responsibility of supplying the correct amount for each game for a permanent stand.

-You all will be responsible for being at every game.

-You should come prepared in the proper uniform ready to work and should be here by the Group Check-in time.

-You will still need to send in your Volunteer Lists by 9am FIVE days prior to game days.

Once you check-in on game day, your entire group will go to our "Back-Up" sitting area. You will wait at this location until we determine how many "Back-Ups" we need for the game and what locations need them. Your group will then either be assigned a location or may be sent home for the day.  Your group will definitely be paid $40 per person should you be sent home after check-in closes.

Please keep in mind that your entire group may not be needed and your group is subject to be split up. For example, we may send (3) volunteers to one stand and (5) volunteers to another stand.

Attached is a copy of your Commission Schedule as a "Back-Up". This basically explains how your group will earn money.

I will need to receive a signed copy of this Commission Structure via fax BEFORE next Monday (8/20/07). Fax# 704.358.7147.

We wish that we could give everyone a permanent stand but unfortunately we are full for the season. Please keep in mind that there is always a possibility of gaining a permanent stand mid-season if another group is not performing in their stand but there is no guarantee. We definitely need our Back-Up groups and we are thrilled to have you as part of our team! 

Don't forget, being a Back-Up group is a great way to get the experience and come back the following season with a permanent stand!!

Jessica Murphy

Human Resource Department

Stadium Food & Beverage

Bank of America Stadium

800 S. Mint Street

Charlotte, NC 28202